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Ultimate Simulation of Air Forces


Welcome! In the last year, two guys named Cowar and Slikk have done a complete revision of the old USAF sim. Now days, this sim includes over 100 more items including flyable planes, new skins, new cockpits, weapons, the works! In order for more detailed info about the mods, please visit SimHq located here for the full article. It will help explain everything in great detail :)
  This site is designed as a very simple site to help the new commer or prospect, get quick access to install proceedures, images on what the sim looks like today, and some misc helpful info!  We are also dedicated to providing you the latest and best fixes on the most common problems that users will come across. Site access is easy, just use the quick links to the left to navigate to the area that holds the info you are seeking. You are also able to contact the site admin with any mods, questions, or concerns you would like to see!  Thank you for visiting :) --Management--

03-03-07: I have adjusted some of the colors on the site. I have also made some modifications to aritcles that were incorrect. Finally I changed the background to a better look.
02-28-07: Site has finished being created and is now published! Please check back to this section in the future for current updates. All updates are posted for a duration of 1 month from post date.

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