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Ultimate Simulation of Air Forces


Below I have listed some of the common errors that may occur after an installation. You will also find some misc fixes to problems you might encounter with programs. Please follow the proper proceedures listed below to get your sim in running order. The errors below include real and re-created images of the actual errors you might come across for a visual reference. Words or images viewed below my not be exact.

Red X Error;


This is a typical error that can occur to your instalation. There are two things that could have happend. One, you did not select "Primary Display Device" under the USAF Config program, OR, you installed the sim into a directory other than the default of C:\Program Files\Jane's Combat Simulations\USAF. If the first has happend, simply go into your sims directory and run the USAF Config and select "Primary Display Device" INSTEAD of your actual graphics card. If the second happend, you need to download the install path fix for your proper mod. Run this utility according to the readme file including in the program. These fixes will get you up and running again! However, if they do not seem to work, you will need to post your problem at in the forums section.

Invalid Resource Error;


In contrast to what the error box says, you DO NOT need to re-install the sim. This is actually not a real error, but rather a fluke that happens using a mod. When you have modified the resource files for the game, aka, pilots, planes, terrain, etc, this will pop up the first time you try and run the sim after the alteration. Do not be alarmed, all you need to do is restart the sim and you will be good to go! If however, you keep recieving this error even after re-starting the sim, you will need to post the problem at under the forum section. Thanks!



This is a common error if you are trying to run the Coyote Works Utilities Suite 7.2 for Pure or SP. This is a normal windows errror that happens when you do not have all the library files needed that are associated with a program that was designed using Visual Basic, which the Util Suite 7.2 was. In order to fix this problem and get the program to run, you need to download a set of library files from the internet. Please visit here and download the 5.66MB file that is found there. Once you have this downloaded, install the file by clicking the .exe file it created on your desktop and it will do the work. Once it is done and has given you a success notice, you can delete the .exe file. This will fix your program and you are now ready to run the awsome Utilities Suite 7.2 created by Coyote Works!

Custom Mission - Disappearing Briefing Error
When creating a custom mission particularly for the Training Weapons section, you might come across your briefing screen disappearing when you try and load your saved mission! When this happens, follow the below proceedure to fix it :)
The following information was provided to us by Olympic Warrior! All information incuded in this article is copywritten to him and any inquirys about the article should be sent to him. You can contact him at the Gulf Knight Air Base who's link is in the link section of this web site. Thanks Olympic Warrior :-D
" 1.)
Build the mission. This is pretty straightforward.
From now on I will use an example, since it is easier to explain. I created a mission called "LGB Bomb Test." Here we go:
Move the mission from (Game Installation Path)\Resource\Missions\Ume to (Game Installation Path)\Resource\Missions.
Open up the DME. There are directions here: Or, the easy way is using one of Davide's wonderful launcher programs.
In the DME hit the "Tables" tab. Once it has loaded go to File>Open. Select your mission. In my case it's LGB Bomb Test.pms
On the column on the left select "Mission." Double-Click the entry and something titled "Automatic Record Editor" will appear. Uncheck the box next to 'IsUserCreatedMission' and set the Start Time to 06:00:00 (note that the mission won't start at that time). Here you can mess around a bit with the weather WinkUnder CampaignPtr select Training-Weapon School. For required rank set 2nd Lt. Then you'll see another Start Time. Set that to 06:00:00 as well. Leave the SimTime and Date alone. Now BriefSummaryFileName is kind of tricky. This is the picture that you see when you select the mission. In my example (because it is a bomb test, I thought that the Basic A2G Summary Picture would be good) I went into (Game Installation Path)\Resource\Brief\Training and copy (in my case) WSAbout2.bmp, WSAbout2.tx1, and WSAbout2.tx2. Paste the files into the same place and rename them WSAbout9.bmp, WSAbout9.tx1, WSAbout9.tx2, respectively. Then set BriefSummaryFileName to \Brief\Training\WSAbout9 (WS standing for Weapon School). Then Uncheck the box Required for Campaign Medal and check the box for Required for Game Medal. Check 'Is Mission Valid' (if it isn't already) and you can set a MissionBonus if you want. Then click OK.
Now select MissionList on the side where you chose the table Mission. Create a new entry (using the button with an arrow and a plus sign, pointing towards a sheet of green paper). Then a new window also titled Automatic Record Editor will appear. Set the name as LGB Bomb Test, the MissionFileName as LGB Bomb Test.pms, Terrain Ptr as LasVegas, CampaignPtr as Training-Weapon School, uncheck the boxes IsAircraftSupplyMission and IsWeaponSupplyMission, set RequiredRank to 2nd Lt, leave RequiredPreviousMissionPtr as none, set StartTime to 06:00:00, set SimTime to whatever it was in the Mission table (I don't remember it), set Date to 1/1/00, set BriefSummaryFileName to \Brief\Training\WSAbout9, Fill out the number of NumberOfBlueControllablePlanes to however many are in your mission, set NumberOfRedControllablePlanes to 0, set MissionBonus to the same as in the Mission Table, leave MedalMsgPtr and MedalPtr as None, set MissionID to 11111, uncheck RequiredforCampaignMedal, and check IsMissionValid. (Please fill out your mission's information in place of mine.)
Please Stop here for a second and start up the game. Then go to the Weapon School section and check if the mission is there. Just check if the mission is there and if it loads, it won't have you're own Brief or About Mission or Flights. If it all works, then continue.
Now open up Notepad. Select Open and browse to (Game Installation Path)\Resource\Brief\Training. Remember that under Files of Type: select All Files. Then open up WSAbout9.tx1 and fill out your mission name and a description of it. After that save and open up WSAbout9.tx2. If you know that you want changeable planes leave it the way it is. If you don't want changeable planes then type Austin, tab over, and then type the type of plane you want to use. Then save this file.
Now open USAF back up and check if the about mission area above your mission picture when you select your mission from the list is filled out correctly, and that the flights section is also filled out correctly.
Go to (Game Installation Path)\Resource\Brief and copy duplicate WSbrief2.rtf, WSbrief2.brl, and WSbrief2.obj, renaming them WSbrief9.rtf, WSbrief9.brl, and WSbrief9.obj, respectively.
This next part is the trickiest of all. I can't fully explain it, so I'll have to leave it up to you to figure some of it out.
Open up WSbrief9.brl with notepad, and delete the parts that you don't need and have nothing to do with your mission. In mine I deleted everything other than the section with A/G radar. Then save the file.
Now open WSbrief9.obj with notepad, and scroll down to where it says MISSION OBJECTIVES. You may have to use "Find" to find it. Under that it will say destroy the two fuel dumps. You can change that to anything you want. Then it will say Eliminate three convoy tanks. You may also change that. Then save and we'll go onto the next step.
Now open WSbrief9.rtf with notepad. Opening it with something like MS Word won't work. After about 2 lines it will say Sortie 2: Basic Air to Ground. Change that to Sortie 9 and your mission name. Beneath that there is the date. You should also change that to anything you want. Leave the training stage as weapon school and you may also change the instructor, otherwise leave it alone. Also, change the subject to whatever you want. Then change the weather if you want. After that write your own Mission Description, Typical Errors, Safety, Mission Objectives, and Squadron Commander's summary. I am not sure how to do the target photos but I know that Slikk does. I will try to figure it out, but please ask him if you want to know it now. After you change everything, save.
We're almost done!
Now open up the DME and go to the Tables tab. Then open up your mission and go to the MissionSide table. Double click the entry there and set the BriefFileName as \Brief\Training\WSbrief9.htm. Yes, it is .htm, not .rtf.
Now start up USAF and see if you get your brief on that mission. If not, please tell me (Or definitely Slikk).
*These next steps only apply to you if you want to set changeable planes. If not, click the button 'Save Admin and Mission Files' in the bottom right corner.
If you want changeable planes, go to the table ChangeablePlanes in the Tables column. Click insert and select the plane you want from the drop-down. Do this until you've finished setting all the planes you want.
Now go to the Loadout Table. Create a loadout here for all of the planes in the ChangeablePlanes table. Delete the entry Austin_1. The entity name for the entries is the same as how it appears in ChangeablePlanes, not the display name.
Go to the Entity table. Double click Austin_1 and change the BaseObjectPtr to Changeable1. If you have wingmen, you can change their BaseObjects too. Now click 'Save Admin and Mission Files' in the bottom right corner.
I like to have a flight where I am the leader, flying in an F-15E or A-10, tasked with the strike. Then I have an escort F-15C tasked with protecting me with aerial threats, and an F-16C to deal with any enemy SAMs.

I hope this works...
P.S.: I think that the steps are the same in all versions of the game.

Take Care,
Olympic Warrior