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Ultimate Simulation of Air Forces


Windows XP is a complicated OS that until only recently is working pretty good for Jane's USAF. Jane's USAF was created around the year 1999 and back then the main OS, was Windows 98SE. Awh, the days of 95 and 98, kinda have a sweet smell to them don't they? LOL. Anyway, with today and XP, there are few things beyond the norm that you can do to get your sim to work very well in XP in case you aren't running a dual boot system or don't have anyway to put USAF into the 98 environment. Below you will find some helpful tips and advice to get your sim running as best as it can in the XP environment. Please note these steps are advice only, and not needed to run the sim in XP. However, failure to follow these guidelines does not guarentee a favorable outcome for your install since XP is memory and processor hungry...

Seperate Account;
With the arrival of XP, the user or users, are able to have their own accounts! This is very helpful for simmers alike who like to have their home/business stuff in one place, and their sims in another ;) The first step in this process is to open a new account in XP that will be your primary simming hq. Click on Start - Settings - Control Panel. In here, you will need to click on User Accounts. This now brings up the user accounts window where we will create a new one. Simply click on Add to add a new account and follow the instructions to setup the new account including the name and or password for this account. Once your new account is setup, you are set to go! Now all you need to do is restart your system and log in to your new simming account and start flying, after you have finished reading these tips!

End It All;
This program is a simmers best friend. The goal of this program is to shut down any misc programs running in the background in order to better run what you want! Visit the Download section of this web site and download this program to your computer and install. Once you have installed the program, you can go ahead and run it. Before using the program though, you need to close any programs that are running in your start bar in the bottom right area (where your clock is). Here normally your anti-virus, firewall, internet, and other normal programs are running so you need to right click on them and close them before abruptly shutting them down with End It All. Now, concerning using End It All, I am not going to go into details about how to use this program, so I am going to leave it up to you to read the manual / readme for the program. Once you are fairly familar with the program and how to use it, you need a little advice. First, when killing all, the programs that are unique to XP running will automatically be locked and therefore can't be killed so you are safe there. The other programs that you can kill, are most likely simple, aka, your internet stuff, open programs, misc program stuff, etc etc. Under normal circumstances you can KillAll and not worry about making anything go, well, BOOM! lol. You should know your computer well enough to go through the list of programs and know what you want to be able to Close and or Kill, and what you don't, so do that accordingly. I do have to note, that this IS a powerful closing program, so you take upon the risks involved when running it so study up on it carefully ;)

Final Thoughts;
With the above guidelines, everything for USAF should run normally under XP. Before running your sim, I would highly recommend to log into your new sim account, and then run the Kill It All program. These steps will ensure smooth and almost errorless operation of the sim in XP. Finally, there is one more thing that I want to mention. I do an extra step to ensure maximum memory availability. This extra step is very dangerous so only attempt if you know what you are doing! Open up your Task Manager, also known as hitting Control + Alt + Delete. In here, I like to close down programs after using End It All that I know are either left over from End It All, or are not able to be closed anywhere else. I know my computer and what it runs very well, and so I know which programs it is safe to close down and which ones not to. Normally, like End It All, the very sensitive programs that run XP are not able to be closed, however, be warned there are some that can make your system restart (crash) it's self and need to be restarted. I only mention this step if you know what your computer is running and have used the Task Manager before. If your unfamilar with Task Manager and aren't very computer literate, DO NOT TOUCH THIS! :) Those are all the XP tips for now. Happy Hunting!